iOS app won't work when I'm on the phone

I have a Wyze Cam Pan that is brand new. It will not record if I’m on my phone - meaning, if I am on my iphone doing anything from texting, talking, or even on another app, the camera won’t record. OR IF IT IS recording, the app isn’t keeping it for my review. It does record fine if my phone isn’t being used at all.
Any thoughts?

Record “how”?

a) Events aren’t going to the cloud?

b) You have an SD card and video isn’t being saved (as in Continuous recording)?

c) You’re tapping the “Record” icon and it’s not saving to phone?


I’m not getting anything recorded or “detected” when I’m on my phone. I do not have an SD card.
I’ll see someone walk right by the camera outside and it won’t record or give me a notification. If I’m off my phone it will. I’ve noticed it three times in one day already. I have gotten other notifications/recordings though so it works at at least a little bit. To be honest, maybe this camera just stinks altogether and isn’t recording half of the things it should?

AND - my settings are set to high sensitivity. The camera has no problem sending footage of a leaf blowing or even one of my bushes slightly blowing outside so I know that’s not the problem.

You can “watch” a cam in real time, but if you do not have an SD card, and you want the scene recorded. you have to manually select “Record” or “Take photo”. You do NOT get “continuous recording” sans an SD card.

The only thing automagically recorded, sans SD card, are the 12 second Events in the cloud.

I don’t have a Pan, but my V2s do not care if I am on the phone. So I wouldn’t suspect the Pans do either. BTW, I also use an iPhone. The reporting path for a camera should be thru your router to a Wyze server. Other than responding to settings changes your phone makes with the server, your cam shouldn’t even know about your phone, so it should not be involved.

Not to say you haven’t found a new bug of some sort, but there may be other things at play – like the cam cannot sense anything until 5 minutes after the last motion was sensed. Is this a possibility?

I would definitely get an SD card. All of my cams are equipped with those. No matter what, I can pull details from it later.

ok- thanks newshound. I’ll get an SD card because possibly it is because of the 5 minute rule- which is terrible.
and myswtest- I was talking about the event recording. It doesn’t work when I"m on my phone.

Thanks for all your help!

one more question Newshound- do you use the continuous recording since you have an SD card? Or what setting to make sure you don’t have the 5 minute cool down? THANK YOU!

Yes, I have all my cams set to continuous recording to the SD card. My oldest cam is 2 years old, and is still recording to the original card. I have pulled ‘longer than 12 second’ footage from that card more times than I can count. The 5-minute cool down hasn’t been as much a factor.

Thank you so much!

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