Does phone have stay on to continuously record

I start to record and then turn the phone screen off and the camera stops recording. This doesn’t seem right. Am I doing something wrong?

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yes you are, but it is a very easy fix. :grinning: :+1: silly things like this have happened to all of us.

the cameras record on their own when you go into the settings and enable motion detection and set everything the way you want it. the recording you are doing is not on the camera but instead directly into your gallery on your phone.

here are the settngs you will need to play with for the recording that works for you
recording settings

so here is the break down for the events tab. this is for 12 second clips that are cloud based and works automatically.
cloud recording

or if you choose to us an SD card ( which I highly recommend)
using an SD card
if you do go with the sd card, make sure you use an official Wyze card which comes with a great warranty, or buy a high endurance card because they are made for this application.


Bam, Thanks for your reply. I have the SD card set to continuous. On the event recording the detect motion and sound are off but the schedule is set to all day. Once I move to a different screen on my phone the recording stops. This makes my phone useless if I want to record or the wyze cam useless if I want to use my phone. I don’t think this is the way it is intended to work. What am I doing wrong?


the detect motion has to be on for anything to be recorded. the continuous record is the only thing that wont need to detect motion to record.

once you turn the motion detection on it will record 12 second clip to the cloud automatically. you will not have to press record. but keep in mind, the motion detection will only record to the cloud and will have a cool down period unless you subscribe that camera/ s to the complete motion capture service. if you turn the sd card to record events only instead of continuous it will use motion detection and will record as long as it detects motion with no cool down period for those recordings. that would be directly to the card and you would still get the 12 second clips to the cloud too.

turn on the detect motion and you should be set.

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I set the detect motion to on. I started a record session and it started to record but once I changed screens on the phone the recording stop and was saved. As I said this makes my phone useless if I want to record and use my phone. Is this the way it is designed?


are you looking at a cameras live view and then the pressing record button just under the view screen next to the microphone?

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Yes, it is in live view when I press the record button. It starts recording but when I change screens it stops and saves it. So I can only record if I do nothing with the phone.

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no. your understanding is just a bit skewed. what you are doing is for a situation that you want to record RIGHT THEN. say for instance you were at work, wanted to check what your dog was doing and send that clip to a friend.

the camera records on its own to both the sd card and the cloud. you dont have to press record.

go into the camera ( that cams live view) you are using and go to the bottom to the view playback button. click that and you will see your screen but if you give it a second to load and the timeline directly below the screen will be green. the green signifies recording. because you are using continuous the entire timeline should be green. you can move this left or right by toughing it and dragging it. that is your continuous recording footage from the sd card. if you happen to see something of interest you want on your phone, this is where you press the record button to save it to your phone. press stop when you want the clip to end. once its on your phone you can share it with people :slight_smile:

from the home screen of the app, when you first enter it, you have an events tab at the bottom. by clicking into that you will see the 12 second cloud clips. these are the shorter ones, and only work on motion detection, not continuously. these are what I would use to see WHEN something happened so you could go into the continuous recording and view the entire event ( because nothing only last 12 seconds :slight_smile: )

not that you have notion and continious set up give a few minutes ( you dont have to press record) and go back into it in 5 or 10 minutes and try to review things. let me know if you have the recordings.

this was kind of a diatribe explanation, does it make sense?

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There are three ways/locations to save footage:

  1. SD card. In camera settings you can set up event record and continuous record, which both record to your sd card that’s in your camera. Accessed via playback. It records automatically untill you remove the setting.

  2. cloud. Also set up in camera settings and are accessed via the event tab. These are the 12 second notification clips. Active until the setting is removed.

  3. Manual recording. This is what you are doing. By pressing the record button or take photo button you are recording what you are watching in real time in live or playback to your device, not camera.



Ok, maybe I am understanding it. I will give it another try.


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sorry for the convoluted answer. I think @Omgitstony may have had a clearer explanation.

When viewing a Live Stream, and then you tap the Record button, the app will record to your phone’s storage, AS LONG AS the Record button is enabled AND the Wyze app is the current / foreground app.

If you switch to another app, the Wyze app will stop recording - it must be the foreground app for recording to continue.

This is in contrast to other apps. For example, on Android, if you fire up the Play Store app, and go to “My Apps”, and and select “Update All” … the Play Store app will continue to download and install (update) apps, even if you bring another app to the foreground.

I have been playing with it and it’s beginning to make sense.


Just a side note for anyone who isn’t aware, the new policies of most cell phone manufacturers is that certain app functions can not run in the background. If you started recording to your phone, switched to another app and forgot about it, you could use up all of your available storage space. This could have a negative impact on the performance of your phone. If you have a question about some app features, check to see what restrictions are placed on app programmers by the manufacturer. :grin::+1:t2:

If you really need to manual record that much, might as well just take the SD card out and get the footage off the card. :slight_smile:

True, but that can be a hassle, it would be nice if there were an easier way to transfer video from the camera to a PC or device. As soon as I can build DVR, I will. Searching video and saving it is much easier. Plus that means the SD cards become a backup just in case.

I agree. I was super pumped about the now defunct Maxdrive that Wyze was helping to create, but that went poof long ago.

When I get the funding to proceed, I’ll post my equipment and results. I’m looking to use the new Raspberry Pi 4 or android equivalent. There are several Linux DVR solutions available at low cost or free. With a firmware update on the Wyze cams, you can set them up to stream to the DVR.

car54 I had the same problem (or thought I did). If you are set for continuous recording
and your phone screen turns off, the recording continues. If you go to View Playback on the app you will see a time ruler. Recordings appear in blue on the ruler as you scroll sideways. The Time is on the ruler, the Date is below the ruler. Scroll the red marker to time and date you wish to watch and press PLAY. The confusion happens when you select Albums. The thumbnails in Albums only show the PORTION of the recording that corresponds to the screen ON time of your phone but the whole recording is still there on the SD card in the camera. I have no idea why Wyze does it that way–it is most confusing and misleading. Better to just ignore the thumbnails in Albums and only use the time ruler.

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