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Who here would like to see a Wyze Drone? I’ve been looking into drones for myself and my business and I keep thinking, I wish Wyze had a drone. I think I would definitely buy it if it had all the right specs.

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I want four … when it’s ready sign me up… love the Wyze products


Wyze should create an indoor drone security camera that allows it to fly around if you need to check on something indoors when you’re away or active when a security threat is present or activated.

Allowing users to have some type of control to be able to fly this security camera drone to check if the water, stove or anything else is incorrect.

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I want to see wyze try the indoor and the outdoor drone. I believe they can pull it off.

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This would be invaluable to home AND businesses looking to protect their property; especially homeowners in rural areas!

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Please develop a Wyze Drone Camera, perhaps similar to this: Ring made a security drone that flies around inside your home | Engadget

Also, should included an Outdoor Version.


Next project!!! Flying security camera to compete with:

With added manual controls…

@holocron you must have beat me to the submission by about a half hour, lol, nicely done!!! Like your idea of an outdoor version as well…or maybe some kind of “drone door”, similar to a puppy door, to let it outside. :smile:


Whoops, I just started a different thread at Flying Indoor Camera

… Hopefully, the functionality will be triggered by person / motion detection, with manual control options. The base could be the charger where the drone will return if low on battery. Would be a great additional to the WYZE family.

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What about an affordable drone to add along side the amazing products that WYZE offers? That would be sweet.

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Yeah might as well do it right the first time. Miles of range with autonomous control available. Color night vision and why not bright LED and even micromegaphone? WYZE changed the security world.:blush:

I’d like to see what the Wyze team can come up with in a design for “Wyze Drone”. This would be totally cool. Fly the skies with Wyze…

Yea I put this same posting up several months ago. Didn’t hear anything.

Can we please make this!

Hello Wishlist,
New Product Development (WYZE Camera Drone) -
I would like to request a new product to be developed by your engineers. Requesting a WYZE camera drone.


Latest update on this from Wyze’s VP of Product in an AMA today:

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Thanks for the update. Believe me when I say that there are a lot of us out here who would love to see you guys bring and affordable autonomous drone security platform to market. Hope to hear good news about drones in the near future.

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Product suggestion: security drones (quadcopter)

I have several products: 5 cams, 2bands, and 1 scale.

I use the cams for home security, and they work great.

Im working on a home security enhancement using a pair of quadcopters which rest on inductance pad chargers to keep them fully powered, and which will fly a programmed flight path (using Python) to perform a security patrol. The patrol is triggered by motion detection from a camera some distance from the house.

The quadcopters are essentially toys without robust cameras. Would Wyze consider further developing security qyadcopters with high resolution cameras capable of detailed image capture of faces or auto license plates for better identification as a security device?

The flying cameras are a better solution than stationary cameras: i know someone who had a boat and trailer stolen from their property one night by thieves who spotted the cameras during the day, who then returned with laser pointers to disable the cameras to perform the theft. Much harder to disable a moving (flying) camera.

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When are you going to make a Drone

Would love to have a drone

Wyze drone for exterior security

Create a drone with security camera, microphone, and LED spotlight. The drone comes with a waterproof outside docking station where it can charge and be ready for it’s next scheduled patrol (as long as the wind speeds are within range). It links with the homes security system to help provide 24x7 advanced home protection. Ideally it would be able to be armed when the alarm system is active (and it would then follow its configured schedule and flight plan).

The user could configure the drone to follow an intruder, use the spotlight if necessary, but focus on getting details that can help the police say. Fire alerting could be added (perhaps “packages” are sold for each type of added alerting beyond intruder alerts. For example, pet monitoring, package delivery, etc). Lot’s of possibilities when you have neighbors with the same system - they then integrate and help each other monitor and follow an intruder.

Also, the drone learns the environment, so you can ask “Alexa, tell drone to investigate the backyard and send video”. Or such like.

Cheap, but effective drones are easily available, but it would be cool if the camera was Wyze. The base station would handle the tough stuff regarding software, and would provide the drone with just the information it needs to do it’s job. That really should be too tough. Of course the base station would need a lot of thought if it goes outdoors (I was thinking if you placed a roof about 4ft up from the station, that would give the drone clearance, and maintain a degree of dryness). It would need to alert the user if it crashes, etc. 4k camera with some zoom capability.