Second camera has no Events Listed

Just got my second camera, can see it is on and working but when I go to Events, only ones from first camera are listed.

its going to be a silly question, but are you sure the recording setting are on? such as motion detection turned on?


If you open that camera, click the settings gear and check under Event Recording, do you have "all day " turned on? How about “detects motion” and/or “detects sound”?

I am having a similar problem, and I have verified that the fix proposed above is already in place for me.

I have had 1 Wyze cam working flawlessly for the last 2 months. So I bought and added a second. The settings for the second are pretty much identical to the first. I can connect to it from the Android application and view the live video (with a small delay), but the camera does not record any 12 second event clips despite movement and sounds occurring. I only see events from the first cam, nothing from the second. Anybody else have that issue, and any fixes you could suggest?