SD storage access?

Can someone tell me how to access the MicroSD chip without removing it?

All I want to do is review the clips when I am home and my phone is on my WiFi network.

Confused About SD vs. Cloud Storage is as close as it gets but as explained below the solution doesn’t show up in the App.

I have gone through the SD storage / Cloud storage remarks and questions several times and several simply say to tap the cam, tap settings, tap advanced settings, tap “LOCAL STORAGE”! My app doesn’t have “local storage” as choice. It has “MicroSD Card Storage” under that is 2 options “Camera MicroSD Card” and “Base Station MicroSD Card” no matter where I have the SD Card installed the only option is “Format” and it will format the card but even when there are events on the card (accessed when inserted in my computer) I cant get to them from any process on the App. Cloud video under “EVENTS” yes but MicroCD I can not find! I don’t want to use cloud because it will surely use up my data package in just a few days. Can someone tell me how to access the MicroSD chip without removing it?

On the cameras main screen (where you are watching live video), at the bottom of the page is "View Playback). That will bring up a time slider and a date selection. View what you want. If you have the camera set for recording only events, you will see green bars on the slider where there are recordings. You can use the left and right arrows to move to the next or previous events. if you have the camera set for continuous recording (as I do), the time slider should be continuous green. If you pinch out with two fingers on the slider you can get far more accurate timing selection. Pinch in to go back to normal.

Thanks but there is not “View Playback” on the screen. I can watch live. I get notifications and can watch when each but all my choices are Sound, Record, Speak, Take Photo, Then under “More” are Time-laps, Scheduled Recording Turnoff, Album, Motion Tagging, Close

Under Album are what has to be Cloud stored photos and videos and I can look at those and delete them but these are sill there even if I format the SD so they are in the cloud.

Am I on some system that isn’t covered in this format? I have one V2 cam and a base station that connects to my wired network. Cloud is not really an option as I’m watching a daycare operation for intrusions onto my property. Activity is constant even when I confine the range to just my property.
I just want to review the chip and keep the stuff that shows damage being done.

Are you watching the camera live view with your phone in landscape or portrait orientation? Gotta be in Portrait orientation.

Yea I’m in portrait because in landscape it is only the live video with no choices.

Do you mean the Wyze Base Station that is used with the Wyze Outdoor Camera (battery powered camera), or are you referring to your WiFi access point as the “base station”? The V2 camera (wired for power) does not use the Wyze Base Station.

I have Wyze Cam Outdoor. Came with a base station which plugs into my home network and one outside camera. Yes the cam is chargeable battery powered. I went this way because i thought I’d keep the SD chip in the base station and add more cams without managing more chips. At this point it doesn’t matter where the chip is I can deal with that. Daughter is wondering if the IPhone app and the Android app are different to the poit that I don’t have all the options you are posting?

That is not the V2. The Outdoor camera is different (and in my opinion highly limited - why I won’t buy any). Someone who is familiar with them will have to tell you how to use them.

Thanks K6CCC! I thought I was going crazy! I have a shot video that shows the process you described and touch for touch it is the same except "Local Storage isn’t at the top above “Night vision” instead. Thanks again and I will keep updating the app in hopes they will add it. It is surely missing!!!

Like stated, the WCO doesn’t have a playback function like the other cameras. It does and has the ability to save clips to the cloud, and those are accessed in the event tab of the app.

The Android and the iOS app should be very similar with the same functions, but may have minuscule different appearances due to the different operating systems.

If you are looking in the album in the app that is mostly looking at your phone or tablet that you are using the app on’s gallery.

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So what I gather is that one cannot access the SD storage in the base station for the outdoor camera without removing it and putting it in some other device. Correct? Sounds like I would be better off putting the SD card in the camera instead of the base station.

Correct, you can not view video events from the SD in the Base unless you take it out. The card in the camera will do you no good unless you set it up for scheduled motion event recording. Those video files are saved in the camera’s album but you have to download them to your device photo album to view.

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So far even with the latest updates I still haven’t gained been able to view the Base Station or the Cam’s SD info without removing the chip and putting it in my Laptop. I’m using the bases station because it is right beside my PC but YES, If you only have one cam, I don’t see any difference between which you would use. Just keep hoping that some update will give me wifi access mostly so I can leave the chip in the Base but also so I can view the files from other locations than home as I have access to my network for other things. It was the reason I bought the thing!