Upgraded to pro. ok, ordered microSD card. now can i view playback?

Hey yall.

Have had this cam and a similar one for years now. my usage with it is off and on.
Last winter, i was subscribed to their cloud program, regardless i was able to view playback. Now (probably due to an upgrade) i can only see what the camera detects during a 12 sec. and livestream. heres my issue:

This morning I ACTUALLY really needed that footage. I walked out to my car at 7:51, had an intense verbal altercation with housemate, in which he screamed profanities at me to the whole neighborhood. it lasted about 3-4 min. Unfortunately, the camera oddly recognized motion at 7:47, and then not again until 8:22. I have the settings to show all triggers on cam…

The other day I turned the cam back on after a few weeks of having it off, and i was able to pull up past footage, to my amazement. Now, I am desperately hoping that once i get my microsd card i will be able to view all the playback of this morning. Is this a capability, or will i only be able to view whats recorded on SD starting from when the chip is actually put in?

Simple question TLDR; is the camera always recording such that i will be able to view playback of a particular past date pre-microSD?

Welcome to the forums! What are your local storage settings? If enabled, it should have the altercation weither it’s continuous recording or motion detection. Local sd card recording is seperate from cloud recording, they are Independant of each other. You can have one, both or neither.

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Thank you for your response Tony!
I think its set just to motion detection. I think i can only change it to continuous recording via SD Chip.
In any case, lets just say i was able to flip it to continuous,… will it have captured the footage, even though it wasnt triggered by motion?

Thanks again!!

For local storage there is continuous and event recording (not to be confused with the cloud event recording). Yes, continuous recording will record continuously. :slight_smile:

I think you are asking whether, upon inserting an SD card, the camera will begin offloading previous recordings on to that card.

The answer is no. No way. If there was no SD card in the camera when the event occurred, and that event was not uploaded to Wyze cloud, it is not stored anywhere else. Putting in a blank card later won’t somehow retrieve past events.

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