SD recording storage questions and issues

I’m a new Wyze camera owner. So far I have just one but may order more if this one works well. I installed a 32 gb SD card and have questions about recordings.

I have my local storage set to record on event. It seems the camera has to be connected to be able view these recordings in playback. Is this normal? What if someone stole or damaged the camera and I was unable to connect it? I know I would still have the 12 second notification clips, but something could be missed in the cool down period. Is there another way other than having the camera connected and using the playback feature, to retrieve the recordings or make them automatically save in my album? Thank you!

The 12-second recordings go to the cloud, but everything else goes to the card. So you need the card to retrieve those.

I personally have my cams set to continuous recording, as you never know what you may want to rewind to. An example I gave just tonight was looking for an incident that was too small to trip an event.

In addition to @Newshound’s comment, Wyze is developing a dedicated NAS solution called Max Drive. It will not, however, record to the drive in real time. There will some amount of lag before video is downloaded from the camera to the drive. So it will still be possible that the camera be stolen before the video is saved remotely.

Wyze is also considering a subscription cloud solution that would reduce or eliminate the cool down period for cloud storage. You can vote for that here (be sure to click the VOTE button at the top):