SD card storage values

The displayed storage value on two of my SD cards is 0.00/0.04. This is after a wrap around. Is this normal? What do the displayed values mean?

Are those really tiny uSD cards?
The two numbers are Capacity being used, and total Capacity. For example, looking at one of my 64GB cards shows 57.32 GB in use and 59.45 GB total capacity. The bar graph shows the percentage of the capacity used. Under normal circumstances, it will almost always be very close to full. The reason is the way that the cameras handle being full. When the card gets full, the camera deletes the oldest hour directory (60 one minute files). The only time it should show 0 used is if the card is new or freshly formatted. The other possibility is that if the card capacity is so small that erasing the oldest hour IS erasing everything.
Note that in the 10 or so minutes that I have been typing this and editing the screen capture, the card in this V3 camera has increased to 57.37 from the 57.32 shown in the screen capture.


That’s not a realistic. Either the card is bad or there are partitions in the card. Try an erase utility then format it. If there are partitions, formatting won’t do any good. Where did you get the card?

I agree. SD cards are 32G. The values before the overwriting were valid. The progression bar may be updating usage correctly. Just wondering if there is a glitch in the program following the overwriting. What have your values looked like, once the overwrite was initiated? Unable to perform an erase … unit is 500 miles away. I’ll format the next time I’m closer to the location. As long as its storing data and the progress bar is correct, I can live with it for now. Not sure if it’s just taking a snapshot or also recording a couple of seconds of data.

SD card is 32G. Before overwriting began, the values displayed, and usage bar appeared accurate. When your data wraps around, let me know what is displayed. Thanks

Pay attention to what I said about what the camera does when the card gets full in my first reply. It does NOT erase the entire card and start over, it only erases the oldest hour of recording to make space. In other words, once the card fills up, it will remain within a GB or so of full.
The card in the V3 camera that I screen captured above has been in service for several years, so it has been erasing data for most of that several years. So that screen capture is after thousands of hours have been erased - one hour at a time as needed.
So hypothetical example, if your 32GB card holds three days (72 hours) of recordings, when it gets full, it will erase the oldest hour, leaving the remaining 71 hours of recordings. It will then continue recording current data. When it gets full, it will again erase the oldest hour to make room for new recordings.

Thanks. I did note what you said. I was expecting different values. Inexperience … thanks for the info. It makes sense.

You can Format the card from the app from any place.
Open cam to live view > Settings > Advanced Settings > Manage SD card > Format.
This is a 64GB card in a worn out V3.

Thanks. Didn’t need the data, so I did reformat the Sd cards. All went smoothly. Thanks