SD card overwriting process

I’m wondering exactly how the process of overwriting the oldest footage works when the SD card on my v3 card becomes full,

Couple questions:

I know it says it overwrites the oldest footage first but how does that happen ?
Even though the card gets overwritten oldest first and continues to write to it, I wonder if it’s a good idea to Format the SD card at some points to clean up any possible issues with it. Especially since I tend to take off footage that I Really want to keep along the way.

I have thought from time to time that a full card that’s being overwritten seems to have issues “BUT I can’t prove that”. May be other things causing issues.

Any input or thoughts on this would be appreciated…tlhutch4

I’m using 128 GB cards in 4 of the cams doing continuous recording and I usually format them when they get to about 117 GB. I save the videos I want first then format. I know it’s not required but I personally do not have the need for a bunch of useless videos . My dash cam says I should format the card once a month. I really don’t know if it is harmful or helpful?

I also have a 128gb card and do continuous recording on my 5 cams. Until now I have been formatting when they are nearly full about every 2 weeks. Seems like you and I are following the same process.

I will continue my process unless or until someone here advises otherwise…,Thanks, tlhutch4

About every few months I will take the cards out and do a Full Format using SD Formatter just because :rofl:

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I’ve been continuously writing to 32GB “high endurance” cards in various wyze cams without issues. IIRC, I had to re-format 1 (of 5 total) one time. My oldest card is almost 4.5 years old.

OTOH, the cards that were NOT labeled high endurance needed to be spot-checked once a week to be sure they were still wyrkin’.

I’d suggest installing “high endurance” cards, then trust them to work. I do use Cam Plus as well. I also sometimes have 2 different cams overlapping their coverage area.

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I’m using what I think are good cards since they have performed great all year non stop.


I use the same ones, they have been outstanding.

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How much for those puppies?

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Last one I purchased in November was $19.99, the previous 3 that I purchased last year were in the $16-$18.00 range. Inflation :rofl:

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I got mine in Oct for 16.99 on Amazon, I think there was a 3 limit at that price as they were on sale. I’d watch them, they seem to drop the price often.

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