Sd card not overwriting in OG Cam

I have tried different cards but still same result. When card is full it wont overwrite. I can manually format but that is becoming a pain.

Confirming that for example, if the card gets full on Thursday, no new recordings will take place? Or are you expecting that the card will erase itself (similar to your format)? If the latter, that’s not how it works. When the card gets full, the oldest hour of recordings are deleted. The result is that the uSD card is always almost full.


That is correct. Once card is full no more recordings are made. So no overwriting process is taking place.

Having this exact same issue with 5 of my OG’s. The newest batch, my 3 older cams seem to be fine. I’ve installed new cams, installed new cards. After about a week i get SD card errors and no playback options. It will sometimes let me format and start again, other times have to climb up to the roofline and remove & reinstall the card. Very frustrating.