SD Card Recording Length Doesn't Make Sense

I have several OG cameras. Some of them have 64G SD cards, and some have 32G SD cards. They are all set to record continuously.

The ones with 64G cards will have 4-5 days of recordings. The ones with the 32G cards will only have about 5 hours. This is consistent with all the cameras.

Now I realize the 32G won’t have as long as the 64G, but that much difference???

It could be that you have saved recordings, photos, timelapses, and maybe a firmware file on the 32GB SD card. If this is the case, the camera will not overwrite that space, and thus you will not have as many days stored on it.

Go into the camera settings and tell it to format the SD card. See if that fixes it.

If it doesn’t fix your issue, then take the SD card out of the camera, put it into a laptop and run a Check Disk to look for corrupt sectors it can “patch” up.

I don’t know what brand SD card you have, or where you bought it from, but there is a HUGE wave of fake SD cards going around on Amazon, Groupon, eBay and tons of places. They will pretend to be from a major brand when they aren’t (ie: swap the casing/packaging even), and some will say they have more space than they do because they will modify the microcontroller inside the SD card to reprogram it to report a fake file size to the device. This is a really common scam, especially during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. You can also use tools like F3 - Fight Flash Fraud to test the actual capacity and reliability of your SD card.

I am fairly confident one or more of the above things is the issue.

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I know there are no saved files on the SD card. They were brand new when I put them in the cameras and I formatted them at that time. They are Sandisk bought from Amazon.

I could understand if one of them had an issue, but this is 5 cameras all doing the same thing.

And the SD cards are not all from the same batch. They were bought at different times as well as the cameras.

Did the OG cameras ever lost internet connection? If so, videos are not saved in normal location on sdcard (and don’t override those files when full?). You can verify the sdcard on the computer

See Recording to sd card on og vs v3 without internet