Sd card max size

i curently have a 32 gig sd card in my og camer what is the largest sd card i can put in this cam and also cam v2

Wyze states that 256GB is the largest “supported” SD Card. However there are reports of larger cards being used. I have High Endurance 256GB cards in all my cams, including the OGs.


thank you very much for the info… what is high endurance cards… and about how many days of contiunes recording will they hold

again thanks

Not all cards are created equal. The more they are written and rewritten, the quicker they ware out and fail. All of them have a specified life span. Cheap cards fail quickly.

High Endurance cards are specifically designed for use in Security Cams and Dash Cams to be rewritten thousands of times over before they ware out. Mine are warrantied for 40,000 hours but you can find some top of the line cards with lifetime warranties. Just make sure the cards you choose are warrantied for use in security cams and dash cams.

The length of history depends on how you record. HD takes up twice the space as SD, the 2K V3Pro has different compression as does the OG cams, IR night vision results in a different recording size due to a lower frame rate. But, I record in HD 24\7 continuous on all my cams with IR NV at night and get anywhere from 21 to 28 days history depending on the cam.


thank you that was very helpfull


I also recently purchased my first OG cam, and am learning the ropes.
I bought/installed a 128gb .onn card 11 days ago and am recording in Continuous mode.
While I have Live viewing set to HD, I don’t know if recordings are also in HD, or SD.

As of today, I am showing 88.0 gb, used, so about 8gb per day.
Don’t know how long the .onn sd card will last, before it wears out and starts to fail,

thanks for the replay… i have also used the onn but only 32gig and i have had them in my cams for about 3 years and still working… i record at the slow speed not HD think it uses half as much space… and the quality is good enough for what i need… think i will buy a 256gig and give it a try think should hold at least a month in the slow speed
thanks for the reply

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I don’t see an option/setting in my OG app where I can change the recordings to slow speed, HD, SD, or 360p. The only changes I can make are in the LIVE view.
Where in the OG app does it let you change the SD card recording to slow speed?

Everyone as their preference of SD cards. I happen to like Samsung cards like this 128GB. The 256GB cards say they are good for 16 years about double of the 128GB.
Find one you like.


The setting in the live view for HD or SD is also for the SD Card Recording.

To set the live stream and recording video quality on the OG, when you are live viewing and seeing the video, tap on the video image for the Dwell Overlay buttons to appear. In the top left you will see the video quality. Tap that video quality once to toggle to the next setting and keep tapping it to cycle it thru and back.

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Good to know. Thanks.

I did know about the HD/SD/360p settings in Live view.

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If anyone is interested in an explanation about how the different video quality settings affect the size of SD card recordings due to bitrate and video quality, you can see the Wyze Knowledge Articles and the Wyze posts linked below. However, the threads are a bit old. If the compression used in the firmware has been updated, the numbers here may be a bit off. Likewise, the newer cams all have different compression ratios and therefore will occupy varying space on the SD Card also.


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