SD CARD Format might help those

Hello all,
I have two pan and two V2s…

Only one Pan connects with Alexa and the others do not.

I purchased 4 Kingston 64gb Class 10 U1 cards. They work in the PANs AFTER I formatted them in the V2 and transferred to the PANs. Now they do not format anymore lol.

I downloaded tons of fat32 formatters and none worked. I decided to try my Go-Pro Hero6. I placed the now unreadable 64gb SD cards, that could not be read in the V2 or PAN, or utilize the Wyze format inside the V2 or PANs into the Hero and used the format tool inside the Go-Pro Hero6. THEY now work in the V2 at 59Gb free!

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Interesting solution…

I figure Go-Pro uses Fat files and I am running 256gb in the Hero. Now, I do not know if they will overwrite yet…too early. I did check the playback function and the V2 I have with me at the office for testing and it is recording and playback is working. Now would be nice to see the other 3 on Alexa Show and Show 2 and Echo etc…

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