Another New V2 for Testing

Hello all,

I swore not to Post anymore due to an ungrateful soul. However, what’s the point lol. I purchased a WYZE SD card and V2 sp there should be no equipment conflicts. The cam arrives tomorrow. I paid overnight. I am going to connect to existing network and see if ALEXA works!! If not, we have a problem Houston AND then my patience will tank to zero. Remember , I have two V2 and 2 Pans. Only one, a PAN , works with Alexa. Consider me a Guinea pig. I will know around 1900 EST


NOW I just checked for GIGGLES and the other PAN and V2 now works with Alexa but not the remainder V2. What is going on??

I rebooted the last one and Now ALL WORK. I guess I’m done here…edited

I just lost a PAN. I think now the camera are not faulty but likecGwen says connectivity issues with their servers.

Hello @MARINE, hopefully you got the camera back connected but if not here is the lastest update on this issue.

Here’s the link: