I can't format sd card wyze cam pam

Place an SD card to my wyze cam pam, but when the camera starts formatting, it says that the operation failed.

I formatted my SD card on my pc in exfat and fat32 formats and it continues to mark me an unsuccessful operation on my wyze cam pam.

What I can do?

After you format the SD card to FAT32 (officially supported), does it work OK in the Pan, or does it not record anything?

It does not work, when the SD card is executed and I want to record or watch the playback, it starts the format to the SD card and at the end it says that the operation is failed

Is this the only SD card you have tried? If so, it may be just a bad card.

I have tried more than one SD Card and they all work well on my PC, but on the camera they mark me the error that I commented,
The times I have placed it in the wyze cam pam and it has marked me the error, then I put it on the PC and it asks me to format it

Have the same problem, received error message. Afterwards, card could no longer be recognized in Cam Pan. Removed card and formatted in GoPro now works fine. I will not format using Cam Pan

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perfect thank you very much to all, I will try and give my results, greetings

I have a similar issue with Pan Cam. 32GB SD card, class 10, formatted on Mac to FAT32. Cam uses preformatted card just fine, but when I use app to format card in the cam, format fails and card becomes unusable. When I put card in Mac it show as unrecognizable, but will reformat.