SD Card error

I’m new to the Wyze community and wasn’t sure what’s the best route to address my SD card issue. I talked to two Wyze representatives (Wyze Ticket 627774 and 634495) and was told someone would contact me but I haven’t heard back. What should I do next?

SD Card Issue
I purchased 2 Wyze cam v2 but one of the cameras but one can’t detect my SD card. I continuously get the message “No micro SD card installed in camera”.

What I tried:

  • multiple 32 GB SD cards
  • formatted in FAT32
  • restarted the app multiple times
  • reset the camera multiple times
  • confirmed the SD cards worked in the other camera
  • downloaded November 15th, 2019 version of firmware, put it on the root directory of the microSD card and renamed it to demo.bin.

The wyze representative told me:
“We’re receiving a number of reports that has the same case and we’re trying to request that our customers should return the camera to us for further investigation. However, there’s a possibility we’ll provide a replacement before you return the camera and our next-level support are the ones who can decide on that.”

Any advice is much appreciated.

Welcome to the Wyze community!

I’d contact Wyze by phone because you can get a faster response.

That’s true there are a lot of people with this issue and Wyze is trying to resolve it. Here you tried factory resetting the camera? That may fix the camera.
Also, when did you purchase your camera? There’s a slight chance that your camera could be missing it’s resistor witch is needed for the SD card to work.
Edit: for some reason the phone link isn’t working so here’s the number: tel:+1-844-999-3226

Honest, serious, best advice I have?

Give up.

I have multiple Wyze cams with Wyze brand SD cards. They almost never work. Give up and just use the 12 second cloud clips, or buy the Complete Motion Capture Service, or install Tinycam, or use a different camera.