Scrub video?

Is it possible to scrub video recorded on the sd card?

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You can format the card from the camera advanced area. But if you want to do a permanent deletion and scrubbing, you would need to remove the card and then utilize an app to do a true and secure wipe.

Oh, I was actually talking about when you can drag the time bar (scrub) and see the video updating in real time.

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Not within the Wyze app.

my apologies, misunderstood.

No. There is a wishlist requesting this feature.

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In the distant past, I used to put the SD card into a computer and load all the files into VLC media player and I could then do video scrubbing on that to zoom forward and backward. It was awesome.

It didn’t work that way the last time I tried, but I am absolutely confident there have to be other programs out there that will automatically chain together the small videos into one timeline.

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you can scrub on ios but only saved videos
but i believe scrub means more than this
at least wirh cam plus it should be possible to scrub for faces or vehicles, animals