Screen not refreshing after updating Camera Properties (RTSP and Blue Iris)

I am using Blue Iris with the RTSP beta on a V2 Wyze Cam. I went into the Camera Properties on Blue Iris to make changes to the triggering and recording. The camera goes into the rainbow screen as shown in png, But the screen never resets. This also happens when I send a restart the camera from the BI to the Wyze Cam. I didn’t have this issue when I was not running the RTSP beta, so I am assuming it is an issue with the beta. I checked the cam on my Android Wyze app and on my Blue Iris iPad app and the camera never restarts. The only way to clear the rainbow screen is to refresh the screen, either minimize the BI Screen and open the window again.

Is anyone else having an issue with the Restart Camera on Blue Iris? Can I assume that the RTSP Beta does not send commands to anything other than the WYZE apps? Is this a bug or design?


It seems to be working now. I am not sure what the problem was but later in the day, I also lost the rtsp feed. I will update the firmware tomorrow. but I ended up rebooting the computer and the camera and now it is working fine. I purchased the WYZE in hopes to replace two older memory hog cameras. I am hoping it is an CPU issue with those older camera. Like say, I will upload the newer firmware and give it a couple of days and see.

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