Schedules off by one hour

I have schedules ran by motion detectors to turn on the lights. And they are off by one hour after the time change. They show correctly but they’re not operating correctly. How do we go about fixing/addressing this? I know other users have the same issue because we’ve discussed it.


I’m going to go on a limb and guess you’ve already tried the easy option, the sync button.

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How do you sync a motion detector or a lightbulb? None of these schedules are ran through a camera. And as far as I know the only sync is built into cameras. I did sync all my cameras though by the way just to see if that would fix it.

Are they showing an hour off in your log (Account tab, Rules History)? Mine did the last time I saw this issue.

I don’t see any issue with my rules this time, but the last time I had a problem the solution was to go into the rule, change the time, save it, and then change it back to the correct time. Unfortunately, that time there was an additional weirdness in that it didn’t appear to fix anything until I did that process days after the change, like maybe the servers needed correcting first?

Anyway, worth a try. Let us know if it fixes you so we can give Wyze a heads-up that the issue may still exist for some. And let us know if the log shows the rule executed at the wrong time, because that helps you know when the issue is fixed.


They are showing correctly in the log. And I’ll let you know how the fixes go as the schedules kick in later.

Ugh. I have been traveling since Sunday afternoon, so I just noticed that the logs show rules triggering an hour early. So annoyed that I moved to AZ and still deal with DST nonsense.

Looking at events, my dog looks confused as to why the lamp comes on an hour before he gets fed. Tech was supposed to make our lives easier, right?

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It actually complicates things and makes folks lazy : )

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You sound just likes my wife. She says I just watch tv now. And dumber from all the crap in air. Lol. She’s living here too. That crap in the air is getting her too. Lol

I know that this is something the teams are working on now but I don’t have further info at this point.

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