Schedule Notifications (separate from schedule event recording)

I only want to be notified on my phone after our business hours (Office Cam), or while we’re away from home (Home Cam), But I DO want to record events throughout the day and/or night. I wish we could schedule both Event Recording and Notification separately (with a checkbox for “same as” other for those that want to keep it simple like it is now).
//mod edit: changed Notify to Notifications to enhance clarity.

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There’s a lot of people who do this. There should be an instruction before you post on the #wishlist for the first time.

The problem is when you post to the #wishlist it gets reviewed first so they end up having to vote for it at a later point.

Is this for all #wishlist posts/items?
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Allow the ability to create recurring schedules for recording. For instance, I would like to set a schedule to record every night from 12am to 2am without having to recreate it each night.


You can do this through third-party integrations like I FTTT, Apple home and Alexa. You can set it up to turn on notifications during certain hours and turn them off later. I also have it set up that window the last person from our house leaves, all the notifications turn on.

I vote for this! I don’t need notifications all the time, but only in a particular time window, e.g. I only want to get notifications when there’s a person detected during the nighttime hours.

I support this. Don’t need notifications all time and don’t want to have to toggle them all the time either.

I wouldn’t mind expanding it to customization like the event recording ie.

Notify if motion detected :white_large_square:
Notify if person detected :white_check_mark:
Notify if vehicle detected :white_large_square:
Notify if pet detected :white_large_square:
Notify if package detected :white_large_square:
Notify if sound detected :white_large_square:
Notify if alarm detected :white_large_square: