Any way to change notification interval?

I have a V3 outside my garage facing my driveway. I have it set to notify me of AI events only. This seems to work fine but if say, I’m in the driveway washing my car or watering plants, I get a person notification every minute. Is there any way to change this so that I can add a 5 min delay? Is this what is known as a cooldown period? If so, I don’t seem to have one. I’m on Cam Plus, is that why?

If you would remove the cam plus, and switch to a cam plus lite that would have a 5 minute cool down and 12 sec events. You could make a few shortcuts to enable and disable motion detection for the camera.

Thanks for the response, so, no way to do this when you’re on Cam Plus it sounds like. Can you explain more about shortcuts to enable/disable notifications?

I have the same issue when I am out working in the yard.

There are several possibilities for you.

  1. You can use the bell in the Home Page to disable all notifications. You will need to turn it off and back on manually.

  2. You can create a shortcut rule to turn off notifications only on the cams you need to stop notifying. A second shortcut rule would be needed to turn them back on and again, you would have to manually press them.

  3. The solution I employ is thru a Wyze Plug. The plug isn’t powering anything, it is just acting as a smart switch relay. The Plug is Named “Cam Notifications”. When I tell Alexa (Echo Dot Speakers) “Alexa, Turn off Cam Notifications for 10 Minutes”, she turns the plug off for 10 minutes. I have rules in the Wyze App that when the plug goes off, the specific cams I designate have the notifications off. When the plug goes on, the notifications go back on. I can tell Alexa any time frame I want and she times it and executes it. If I tell her to just shut them off, she does this until I tell her to turn them back on.

The “Notifications off for X Time” function has been requested in the #wishlist. Follow the link, vote at the top, like :heart: some posts, and add your support as a reply at the bottom:

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That was suuuper helpful, thank you!! I didn’t even realize I could disable notifications through the bell! I will most definitely vote for that feature request.

Glad it helped!

One downside to the Bell icon toggle is that it is an App Global mute that toggles the App Notification Setting. That means EVERY device is silenced by the app. If you have some devices you still want to hear from: HMS, hub, Sensors, Vacuum… Etc., They will all be silent when the Bell shows :sleeping: zzz. That’s why I choose to only silence specific cams via the rules which toggles the individual device notification settings.

I think for my use case scenario the times I want to mute one camera would be OK for silencing everything…my only concern would be forgetting to un-mute.

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