Schedule a V3 overnight brief shutdown

I believe it was you that helped me out with this issue a while back. It’s slightly different situation now but very similar.

I would like to create a rule that will shut down my cameras (5) in my camera group for one minute beginning at 4 AM and ending at 4:01 AM every day. They otherwise run continuously.
I had a rule set up until recently for my smart plugs not my cameras. I’m using what I think was the same rule but it’s not working correctly now. In fact it shuts them down at 4 AM but they don’t come back on until about 6:14 am. Can you or someone help me get this rule so it works correctly? Screenshot below:

That’s odd, I have a rule set up to restart my cam each night, otherwise for some reason it stops recording events. I’ve never had an issue with it. Instead of doing turn camera off then on, try using the restart action instead, maybe that’ll do it? That’s what I have and as I said, I haven’t had any issues with it.

All schedule rules execute ALL Actions at the start and the opposite of ALL actions at the end. If you have two actions it does BOTH at the start and the opposite of BOTH at the end. Since you have on and off together, they will conflict and it is a toss up as to which wins.

If you want them to turn off, then back on, only use the Off action in the rule.

However, this will NOT restart the cam. It only stops recording. The cam retains it’s IP and connectivity on the network and remains powered.

@jdjd1118 is correct. To reboot the cam, use the restart action but only include a start time. Leave the end time blank. It only needs to restart once. It does not need to do the opposite of a restart at an end time.

Thanks guys,
This is the first time I’ve used “RESTART” in a rule. Guessing the screen shot below is what you mean…tlhutch4

Although a little more effort to set up, I would suggest not rebooting your cameras all at the same time, but rather either individually or in smaller groups. Couple reasons. First is that if you have overlapping coverage, and you stagger the reboot times, at least some of the cameras will be operational at all times. Murphy states that if you reboot all the cameras at some given time, that is the exact time that something will happen that you really wish was recorded. Second is that although both your WiFi access point and your DHCP server (often in the same box) can handle a large number of simultaneous connections, just seems like a good idea to spread them out.
In my case, I number all my camera in addition to a name. The name may change as cameras have moved, but the number stays with the physical camera. In any case, all the odd cameras reboot in the 1:00 AM hour at the minute for the camera number, and the even camera numbers reboot in the 2:00 AM hour at the minute for the camera number. In other words, camera 01 reboots at 1:01, camera 02 reboots at 2:02, cameras 03 at 1:03, etc.


Wanted you to be aware of this…

Rules are initiated by and from the Wyze Server to your cam. It requires an internet connection to the cam. If your cam is offline, it cannot receive that command and will not execute a restart action.

This is primarily why users employ Smart Plugs with local schedules saved on the plug. They operate locally with no WiFi required.

As @K6CCC has indicated, it is a very good idea for rolling resets. I also have my power cycles set to only a select group of cams at different times.

Does this mean that if I have a rule to reset my camera at 4 AM that it will shut down for the restart, but not be able to come back because it’s offline? If that’s the case, what’s the purpose of restart? Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, I’m just trying to figure this thing out….tlhutch4

No. That means that at 4am, when the rule fires the command from the server, if the cam is already offline it will remain offline and will never receive the restart command from the rule at all. No shutdown, no restart, no status change whatsoever. Still offline. The cam must be online and connected to the internet to get the restart command.

The reason the plugs are so useful is that they store their on\off schedules on the plug itself. Even if the plug goes offline, that just means that it has lost Wifi or internet. The plug is most likely not dead and is still operating locally providing power to the cam. While you can’t see it in the app, it will still run it’s locally saved schedule when the time comes and power cycle the cam.

No, a restart is a single command. Just like a restart on your computer - you tell it to restart, and it goes down and comes back up without any other commands being given.

Thanks guys. You have been very helpful as always…tlhutch4