No rule enable but cam turn off

i have the v3 cam i have no rule enable but every morning at 7am the cam goes offline and i have to manuel toggle it back on every day and every day it power off at 7am. i looked at every option and disabled all rule but keeps going off. what am i missing

Look and see what else is happening. I’m thinking primariiy outside of the Wyze environment. What else happens at 0700? Maybe a dumb timer turns off power to something. If it is happening at the same time every day, there is some timer doing something to cause it.

the cam is plugged in a power bar and i tried plugging it direct in the wall socket. still go off at 7am and nothing record on the sd card till i push the on icon on the app then it goes back on and start to record events again

Is the outlet you are plugging the cam into a “lamp outlet” that is controlled by a wall switch or smart switch? Have you tried a different wall outlet?

Review your Rules “History” and see if there is anything there that might indicate activity at those times.

Are you using IFTTT or Alexa?

Is the cam shared with anyone?

no rula enabled. im on a sd card and set on record motion events (all motion events)

normal wass socket no smart in home
no alexa or siri or any cute voice talking to me
no share with anyone

it goes off at every morning every time at 7am and nothing record till i switch it on again no matter how long i wait for it to on again on its own

There are a limited number of ways to automate a V3 Cam to turn on and off by a schedule. The V3 Cam itself has no onboard scheduling capabilities.

The most common way is thru Rules, that is why I suggested to look in Account → Rules → History to see if it showed something odd.

It is likely not a power issue because the cam will return to On if it looses power when it is on.

If the Rules History shows a blank page, my only suggestion would be to do a factory reset on the cam, delete it from the app, and reinstall it to see if that fixes the issue.

did a factory reset and readded the cam to my phone/app and went off again at 7am . i reset the rules history and will see what show up

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