Cam V3 turns off every morning w/o rule, spotlight is a no-go

I have a recently purchased Cam V3 with firmware version, and the spotlight accessory with as well. I’m using the supplied cables and power adapter. I use it for the IFTTT integration to send a video clip to the cloud once an hour.

I’ve ironed out the problems specific to my network setup, but now it seems one of the last problems is that the camera just insists on turning off every morning between 7:00 and 7:15. I can usually turn it back on via the app. I’ve been keeping an eye on it so far and if I catch it and re-enable it in time, my IFTTT automation will continue to work, uploading videos every hour. If I do not, it will break the IFTTT recipe and I have to go back through and re-configure that as well as turning the camera back on. Has anyone had any experience with that kind of behavior? I only have one rule set up, and that’s a 12:00AM reboot.

The spotlight is brilliant in theory but execution is extremely lacking. Nothing works about it; it does not come on more than once when the camera detects movement after the first instance, and most of the time, the app just says it’s not installed when it clearly is. I can’t even get it to turn on twice in a row manually. Could this be a firmware issue? I’ve stopped using it until I can figure it out. I’d love for it to work, but it’s not that important yet.

So far, this has almost been the perfect solution to my problem but for these two issues.

After careful consideration, I’ve decided to return the camera to Amazon. It’s a great camera when it works, but if I can’t rely on it, it’s useless.

Thank you for making such a great, inexpensive camera though! Best of luck!