Scale X App measurement readings

I don’t understand measurements of the explanation of the scale results. Why is is green, white, green, white? What does this mean?

I believe that the 4 colored ranges are to give you an idea of the typical fitness categories for your age/sex, etc.

So, the far right (39%+) is typically classified as Obese by most measurement standards. The other categories may use different words depending on the standardization, but they could be called different things like “Athletic, Fit, Acceptable” or other variations. Some might label the second from the right as “overweight” and the far left as “Underweight” in some circumstances. There are a lot of different kinds of labels used for the various subcategories, but most standardizations seem like they would say that for your age/gender, you seem to be roughly in the second category which would be considered something along the lines of “fit” or “acceptable” or “normal.”

At least that is how I have seen similar delineations for Body Fat Percentage. I think Wyze avoids using any of the above labels because there are so many different ways to label them and some of them feel loaded and people can get very particular and upset when different labels are used than they accept or want or are used to, so it’s easier just to show what the percentage is with a rough scale of where you fall (category 1, 2, 3, or 4) on most standardized scales.


Sounds good so far.
So what does Muscle Mass green-white-green indicate?
And how do I take my blood pressure using the app on my iPhone11?
Can I integrate the readings into my Apple Fitness app? Or Apple Health app?