Wyze Scale: Explanation of ranges in measurements

The scale tracks so many great measurements (body fat, muscle mass, water, lean body mass, etc) and in the description states “a high amount of X can lead to XYZ” or “the lower X the more likely you are to be associated with Y”…it would be nice to know what those ranges are and if you are bordering on being high/low in any of those measurements.
Unless I am missing that somewhere?


I agree. The medically-accepted ranges of the measurements need to be displayed in the same box as the individual measurement to make the measuements meaningful.


Agreed! The information doesn’t do me much good unless I know what an approximate range should be for my age. I’d love to see this added


Got a feeling weight is probably going to be the most accurately measured parameter of this device. Everything else is a gimmick except for heartrate. Put no credibility into body fat calculations. Look in the mirror naked is more accurate than a number.

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this…
Just set up my scale today - no problem with anything that way.
I did notice that when I swipe to view other criteria (Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Lean Body Mass) the expanded description is cut off on my phone and I can’t scroll to see it.
Not much is missing but I know some is for sure. I’m using an iphone 7.


Like this? I think this is coming from the app for a different product in testing. No idea why it’s not integrated into the main app yet…


Yes… that’s what I’m talking about - not sure what that screenshot is from but mine has the last line cut off. I have the scale connected to an iphone 8 too but I have not checked it yet to see if they same thing is occurring. Maybe it’s just the way that it’s coded… it needs to maybe be resized for various devices?
Otherwise… I love the scale and all the other Wyze products I have!

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As I guess I hinted at, the screenshot is from the Wyze app associated with an as-yet-released product. I don’t think I’m supposed to name it in here, so my speculation is that there’s some code that’s ahead of the production/release app showing more detail for the scale as well…

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I’ve been testing the Wyze scale against my Withings scale, and although I fully expect that the Withings is going to offer more in terms of both scale and app features (it had better for the price differential), I am totally impressed with the scope of the Wyze scale, as it offers most of the features needed in a smart scale. I don’t really need the weather on my scale : )

The only thing missing (at least for me) on the Wyze, is an explanation of what the various readouts mean as they relate to my unique body results. Since I’ve had the Wyze, I’ve found myself checking the Withings app in order to see what the Wyze results mean.

The screenshot indicated in some sort of beta version is exactly what’s needed. Not as comprehensive as the Withings (it shows a progressive history graph), but good enough for a reference.

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I have been looking around the Wyze website and app and can not find a chart that gives you an idea where your biometrics should line up for your age.
Has anyone seen anything like this?
I would love to see the ability to create goals for oneself in the app!


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This just got added in the latest beta app!

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That’s good to know!


Scale app drill down interface tweak for ranges

In the measurement drill-down screens it’s nice that you show healthy ranges, but in at least some of the results it would be nice if we knew which end of the scale denotes “caution” areas. For example, being outside the zone on muscle mass can be positive or negative, with the higher percentage being positive. However on body fat percentage the zone scale may look exactly the same, but now being higher is probably a negative. A quick visual cue on the outlier areas of the scale, such as a yellow bar on the negative areas, would instantly provide a clearer understanding of the data. Just a suggestion.

Thanks, and loving my scale so far!


Where can I find those ranges you speak of, on the WHSCL1 model?

Any update? I bought a no name brand on Amazon and it has ranges, averages, etc. so thinking about returning this one. What’s the hold up?

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It says it was included in the beta and wishlist granted … yet I still don’t see this and frankly am very disappointed.
I really think this is a simple request

Has this been added yet?

Has this been added yet? I don’t see it in my app and seems a very straightforward request. Many of the other apps for scales provide this. I just got my scale for Christmas and am very surprised this was the Wirecutter pick. The metrics are pretty useless without context provided by ranges based on age.

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