Scale weight low reading

Has anyone else had problems with false low weight readings? I started using my Wyze Scale on 4/17. As I began losing a few pounds I was encouraged with my progress and the scale. However, soon it was evident that the scale was recording weight loss that wasn’t occurring (validated by two other scales and by my clothes still fitting). On May 6 I contacted Wyze Support and opened a ticket (577902), with a weight decrease at that time of 35.3# from 4/17-5/6. I have tried everything suggested (use at same time each day, scale on even surface (used in three different rooms), stand in middle of scale w/ bare feet, feet apart, knees not touching, stand still, stay on until body fat is displayed, all daily), plus changing lbs to kgs and back, bluetooth on & off, deleting scale from app and re-adding, changing batteries, each twice. Total weight loss 4/17 to 5/12 is 155.8# (117.0# 5/5-11), body fat decrease is -31.7%.

Yes, mine suddenly started reading 10lbs less than other scales in the house. Though I have not yet tried any of the troubleshooting steps you’ve mentioned.

You can try to calibrate the scale to see if that fixes it.