Scale not trying to do body measurements; not sending data to app

Over the last few days, my scale has stopped trying to do body fat measurements. I step on the scale, it shows me my weight, blinks and shows me my weight again. It doesn’t do the - - - … trying to do the additional measurement. In addition, while the app connects to the scale, it’s not receiving any data.

Any idea why this is happening and how I fix it? One thought I had is that it suddenly thinks I’m a guest user but I can’t find any docs on how guest user mode works. If this is the case, how do I get it to realize I’m me?


I has same problem, in settings under user, there is a setting “Only Measure Weight”. Mine was set correctly (off) , but I turned it on saved it, and then turned it back off. Body measurement are now being shown and data is being transfer to my iphone.

You probably solved this by now, but I’m posting as a solution for others.