Run Mode

So the run mode on the band only counts steps if you’re running? Just so I know whether to cancel my order of the band as I was basically only replacing my fitbit with it. Trying to find all this out before the order arrives.

I just got my band a few days ago. I went for a leisurely walk yesterday and set it to Run mode. It counted my steps just fine while also measuring miles, and miles per minute. It was great. I also have a fitbit and it measured just like in the walk mode on my fitbit blaze.

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It would be nice to better understand what Run mode offers. The Wyze Band Features info online doesn’t provide much detail or show sample screens.
I didn’t use the Run feature and the Band seems to count steps, miles, calories fine. It also shows a (very) tiny graphs of steps versus Time Of Day along the bottom of the Activity subdisplay for steps. No other data that I know of.
I configured the Run feature near the bottom of the list of Band features from the app setup screen.

Hopefully I’ll get this band before 2050 as I’m learning all the features.