Wyze Band Fitness Tracker modules

Would like to have more Fitness Tracking module choices. Running is fine for runners. But would like to see additional modules, or options for walking, workouts, weights, exercising, calisthenics, yoga, etc. Data would include heart rate, calories, elapsed time, etc. Then recording the data in the app, for future comparative analysis.


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:+1: for me as well.
I felt weird today hitting “Run” when i went on my bike ride so I didn’t do it. I also do some crossfit type stuff in the house occasionally and “Running” wouldn’t really cover that well if things like steps or distance was used in the calorie calculation.

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Did activate the “Run” button, and walked around the house. It tracks distance, time , average pace, calories, and heart rate. So did 45 min of exercise on a yoga pad, with Run mode activated. Figure the only data with value is time and heart rate. It does graph heart rate over time. Used with a Fitbit. The bpm, max heart rate and calories, do not agree, calories the most. We are early-access adopters, am sure Wyze is aware of some of the problems. The Key Features does have Activity Monitoring: steps, heart rate and sleep tracking are not the only things we want to see.

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The Band already has walking information, it’s called Steps.

I’m looking for a way to delete Run data that was accidentally created when I took a shower with my band and it started by itself! I did not make very good time in my shower, I can tell you that.


also looking for a way to delete a record. But have not come across the process yet. Can delete an individual weigh record on the Wyze Scale, but can not delete an individual record in the Run section in the Activity area.

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Yes I’m looking for this as well. To delete a run.

We can not delete any Run records from the data base, still looking for that. We can delete individual records on the Wyze Scale. We can take the Run node window off the screen functions. By going into the Ap, open the Wyze Band, where fhe functions are listed vertically: open the “+” key on the bottom, where the Functions are listed, touch the “-” button. that will move the Run function below to the More Functions list. Save. Then that Function will not appear sequentially on the Band screens.

I tried using Run with a bike ride but it got the distance way wrong. I think if a Bike app was added, it would need to measure distance (ie, GPS) instead of steps.


I would suggest that any fitness “modules”, ie Run, Bike, Workout, should integrate into the iOS Health app and store the data as a Workout.

I agree that more exercises (biking specially) should be added.

I agree. Need cycling.

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My band said I walked 2 miles immediately after I just got back from a 15 mile bike ride. :rofl: :thinking:

Definitely need to add a feature for cycling. I would love that.

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I wear my Apple Watch on my right arm which I have poor control over due to having had a stroke. When I get tired I can develop a tremor in that arm. The watch interpreted that tremor as a run. So occasionally I get credited with a 5 to 10 mile run! (I meant to do that!) :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It would be nice to have a “housework” activity choice, for example folding laundry can be intensive as well as mopping or vacuuming but you dont love much distance wyze… (get it ?)
Also a way to measure steps via GPS would be great because sometimes at work as a server my arm is carrying food and not swinging like a normal walk. I’m a science nerd that would love to be able to get a better estimate of calories burned. (Also a type 1 diabetic and its help a ton with my blood sugar control!)

Would also be nice to have a heath app for wyze that could link your scale, band, workouts and food diary together… if that was available youd make millions! No one has that all in one place successfully

I’d like to see a calorie counter in the Wyze Band.

Recently the workout module is not recording or tracking my walk pace and heart rate. I have rebooted my band several times and cleared

cache data but still won’t record. It records the distance I walked but no breakdown regarding the pace/ mile.

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I am having the same issue! In particular for the ‘running’ workout versus ‘free training’. Have you figured out how to fix?

I have tried everything including deleting device and Wyze app and reinstalling all the devices but the problem still persists. Called support and they said will look into the issue.