Add Watch Activity Tracking

I tracked a workout on the watch, but the data doesn’t seem to go anywhere; it doesn’t show up on the app or in Apple Health or Google Fit. It was accurate enough for my purposes, but I’m not sure there’s any point if I can’t keep track of the data.

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I had same issue but today the exercise logs showed up in the app. At the bottom of the data tab. There was an app update today but don’t recall seeing this is issue in the app version log.


I have a similar request. I also found that the Steps do not always show up in the Daily log (like going back a day or two it might be empty) …but if you look at the Weekly log, the data is there.


The new watch 47 is nice. Thank your for a reasonably priced time piece. I would like to see the ability to have auto logging of heart rate and O2 measurements. People say why expect fancy things for $20. The Band has a way to trigger checking and recording heart rate periodically, so I think it’s a simple feature set to ask for on the Watch 47. Thanks.

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When I track an activity they are all categorized as indoor running. How can I set the activity type?


I agree wholeheartedly, there needs to be a way to select what you are doing. My phone with google fit tracked my Rollerblading the other day when I did 13 miles I started the watch at the same time it said I did 1.75 but that is expected because it doesn’t understand what I am doing and without built in gps it is looking for my stride. Please fix this and help this integrate better with google fit / other fitness apps

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Agree, I am a walker and occasionally will bike. Would like to be able to select the activity type.


I’d like to add that steps monitoring between my Wyze watch and Google fit are quite different. So far today Wyze 6131 vs Fit 5836.

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I concur!!

@StopICU33 You have merged my post as a comment here, which will make it “disappear”. Please reflect in the post itself, at least. Also, the post isn’t really relevant, as a tracking feature as such is already in place

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My watch is now sending some data over to Google fit, but honestly the step difference displayed is crazy. The rest of the data moves over fine except the step data being off sometimes over 1000 steps

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Watch-44, Samusung Galaxy S10, Google-it.

The watch will only port data over to Googlefit directly after it is synced. To get any new data ported over I need to unauthorized, and re-sync the watch to my phone and googlefit. Please fix this feature!

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They need to add the ability to select free training vs run in the workout app on the Wyze Watch much like they already have on the Wyze Band. Sometimes I’m lifting weights instead of going for a run.

I would like very much to get a workout tracker of some sort. I hit the sports activity but that only shows running? Am I missing something or not doing something right? I have the 44. Love the watch by the way!