Step counter is missing on the watch 44 face

I can’t find a way to add “Step Counter” to watch face. I tried all the watch faces available. Any idea?

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That’s not an available feature at this time on the 44

Thanks but bummer! Another useless watch in my drawer :frowning:

Wyze is pretty good about adding features along the way.

Is it available on 47, I see pictures show it has.

Yes, it is available on the 47.

Thank you for the quick response!
Has the Google Fit syncing issue been fixed as well? I see several people have complained about it and no resolution yet.

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Google fit seems to be syncing fine for me… But I’ve never used it before so I don’t have any experience with it to compare.

I tried with 44. It syncs for the first time after enabling it. It does not sync in the background mode. It will sync only after I open the app. If I don’t open wyze app on the phone for a couple of days, the google fit doesn’t sync at all. The wyze does run in background mode in my phone. I am not sure this problem exists in 47 as well.

I got the watch 47. It has the same problem with google fit. It syncs heart rate periodically just fine. But steps, it does only for a few times in a day and never catches up previous day’s steps when it syncs next day. Could you please report this as a bug and have your developers to enable the full sync of the steps?

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Is step counter available on Watch 44 now?

Didn’t you say you had a 44? Are you just trying to get other people to do your look see? lol