Run a shortcut through Google home?

Is it possible to run a shortcut using google home?

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There are a few articles on the support pages for Google Assistant. Have you tried there yet to see what is available to you?✓&query=google+assistant

I’m not sure if I understand the question exactly, but are you trying to apply a rule that you can make in the Wyze app to Google Home? Some of the rules are supported and some aren’t. You may want to look at this Wishlist item. A virtual switch would make integration with third-party services much simpler. Basically, it would allow for anything that’s supported in the Wyze app to be used as a trigger in Alexa/Google Home/IFTTT, and vice-versa.


I’ve searched the support and didnt find that.
My request - I’ve created a shortcut called foo. Is it possible to run it using google home? i.e. ok google run foo on my living room camera.

No, unfortunately. But be sure to vote above for “Wyze Virtual Switch.” If this were supported, you could do it. Basically, you’d tie everything in the shortcut to a virtual switch turning on instead. On Google Home, you’d say “turn on foo,” then your shortcut could simply turn on a virtual switch.

Technically, you could do this now if you wanted to leave a Wyze Plug plugged into the wall, doing nothing except waiting to serve this purpose. But it seems like a waste of a Wyze Plug. I’m hoping they’ll add “virtual switch” functionality to enable all sorts of interactions like your example.