Wyze Watch Smart Home Control Alexa, Google etc

Ok, so we can make shortcuts on the watch for wyze devices but it would be cool if we could make shortcuts to ifttt commands or google home or alexa smart devices. I think it would be easiest to integrate ifttt but cooler if it interfaces directly with google or alexa. Then we can have all our devices under one app (as those apps support wyze products) and use them all through the watch. Thanks allot.

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Cool idea @Flopalop2!
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Edit: topic tagged #probably-not. This means Wyze will most likely not be considering this idea

Alexa support seems like it must have been discussed in the design phase, so why did it not make it? The main reason i ask, is that the control through shortcuts is very limited. I had been expecting to be able to load my devices from the phone and control them on the watch. If Alexa were available, that would solve most of the problems for me.


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Please add the ability to kick off Alexa Routines from a list on the Wyze watch. This would allow Alexa integration capabilities without the need for a microphone.


Add IFTTT soft buttons to watch face

Please consider adding IFTTT soft buttons to the Wyze watch.

Today, in the IFTTT mobile app, soft buttons can be created by the user that can be pressed resulting in the execution of any IFTTT applet.

By allowing the Wyze watch user the option to select WHICH of the IFTTT buttons on the smartphone will appear on the Wyze watch, this allows users to initiate these button pushes from the Wyze watch (not just from the smartphone’s touchscreen).

NOTE: When pressed, the soft buttons on the Wyze watch would only result in the SMARTPHONE taking the same action as it would if the user pressed the IFTTT soft button on the smartphone.

The only functionality requirement on the Wyze watch is simply to tell IFTTT that a soft button has been pressed. The IFTTT app handle the “heavy lifting” as it already does today.

can result in ANY action taking place that IFTTT supports.

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Alexa enabled for lock and unlock door locks

Title says it all. Would love to be able to have Alexa option on the watch that could open cameras on the phone or other device!!