Rules / Schedules running late?

So over the past few days I’ve noticed that my rules appear to be starting up to 20 minutes late. For instance, I have a lamp connected to a plug, which has been working great for morning/evening schedules. I’ve noticed it isn’t turning on when scheduled, and stays on longer than I want. It’s almost like the time is skewed somehow.

I also have motion alerts set to disable at set times for morning schedules, and those are running 20 minutes late as well. I can sync times manually on all the cams, but the times appear accurate. My phone is connected to Wifi usually, is there some sort of time server that is behind and triggering things incorrectly?

I have also noted that. I have not received official word on the cause but right now I am placing blame on the face that the rules engine that Wyze uses is being upgraded to a better engine and it is a roll out migration so it’s not being done all at once. because of the increase in capabilities of the wyze systems, think rules with home monitoring, more cameras, more and different devices, this is a needed upgrade.

here is a post from the PM of the project with some facts about this. it is currently being rolled out to mainly Beta testers but I could see the delays happening across the spectrum being possible.

notice the first thing listed under known issues is rules delays. I have also noted a small shortcuts delay.

hope this give some clarity to the situation :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info. That makes some sense, I wasn’t aware of that. Hopefully the migration will go smoothly and my schedules will get back to their regular programs :smile:

I am on the new Rules Engine as part of the Testing. I can tell you the issues of Delay and and having to adjust my rules to be 1 minute before the hour seems to have been corrected.

The Rules I have setup runs on time and quickly now. I have also installed the V2 Sensors and they work as well.