Rules issue with turning off / On shortcut

I have indoor camera with bridge, 2 door sensors, motion sensor and 110v plug with siren plugged into it in a storage building. I have set up 2 shortcuts-security off and security on. On SECURITY instructs camera ON and UNMUTESnotification for door and motion sensors. OFF SECURITY instructs camera OFF, plug OFF and MUTES notification for door sensors and motion sensor. Doors have trigger rule to AC plug when they are opened turning on siren. QUESTION; Before I go into building I activate OFF security, however, the AC plug continues to turn on because there is a direct trigger to it which can’t be turned off. Has anyone got an idea on how this can be done without continuously turning on plug and turning on siren?

You could try plugging the camera (with the Sense Bridge) into a smart plug that you turn off remotely before entering the building.

That’s a good idea, and probably the solution. Interestingly, I found a passage that says commanding the camera to go off should also disable the bridge:

“Note: If a Rule uses an Action to Turn off the camera it will also turn off the Bridge. This will mean that your Contact Sensors and Motion Sensors will no longer record Events.”

I just tested that, and the bridge is still active when the camera is commanded off. So maybe that para needs to be fixed?

Unless they’ve changed something, you are correct. Only removing power from the camera disables the bridge. I have verified that with tests of my own. That’s why I personally do what I suggested to @gkara49107. :slight_smile:

I will ping Wyze to correct that.


I can also verify that commanding the camera off does not turn off the bridge, as my bridge is in a camera that is off most the time

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Good thought! I forgot Wyze ,” smart” AC plug, does not require the bridge.
Thanks again!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

The bridge is active when the camera is turned off. Unplugged is another story.

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