Rule > History > include a link to the recording that generated the history

Rule > History > include a link to the recording that generated the history. Specifically, when a Rule for Sirens has been triggered and recorded, the History for that Rule should include a link so the End User can quickly go to that recording without being forced to scroll through hundreds of other recordings. It will be easier to find the recordings once a different Wishlist item for Sirens to be added to Notifications, but that may or may not come to fruition.

Along with a link back to the actual recording, it would be helpful if the link was able to be sent to authorities or concerned parties, but there is probably some privacy issues that would be breached if that were to be allowed. So the End User would simply need to download a copy of the recording and send it that way. (I just noted this in case someone wanted to add it to this WL item later).

If an AI event is the trigger for the siren rule, that would be useful to be able to launch the event video from the rule history. I don’t even want to think of the coding that would require. :exploding_head:

But, once you do get to the Event Video, after it has fully played, the share icon in the upper right can be used to share it with your contacts or any app that accepts video. You can email it to the police, post it to Facechat or Instatweet, you can even share it here in the forum!

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