Rule for lights on bug?

So, I found a strange little quirk on a rule I have set up. I have my light set to come on when I unlock my door between 9pm and 5 am every day. Worked fine with no issue. However, since it was getting dark earlier I wanted to change it to come on from 8pm to 5 am. I set the rule up, but it stopped working. If I set the time back to 9pm it works, 8pm nothing. I even tried setting up a new rule for the lights incase there was a hiccup or something in the rule. Same issue, 8pm nothing, 9pm works fine. Anyone have any thoughts?

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@DKnight Welcome to the Wyze community! This has been an issue I’ve seen in the past. What worked for me may be worth a try. Set the time a minute or two before like 7:58 PM and see if that helps.


Sure enough that seems to have worked. Strange little bug. I hope Wyze can figure out what the issue is. Thanks for the input.


You’re welcome glad to help. :slightly_smiling_face: