RTSP - user/password constraints - Camera not connected

Hi All,

I am trying to regenerate a stronger RTSP user/password combo for a V2 camera but I run into issue with android app declaring ‘Camera not connected’ when I try to apply

I am using random generated 10 character [a-z, 0-9] for bother user and password but it does not like this. Currently got it to work with just simple short [a-z] string for both user/password and it works

What are the constraints for the user/password strings? Note: I am only using lowercase [a-z] like the tutorial says


This I believe is due to the Wyze app passing the username and password as part of the URL string, and does NOT encode them.

Encoding is necessary as some special characters are not allowed in the URL string. This is why simple characters (and no spaces) work.

yeah I understood that from the wyze tutorial, but i tried;

user: uwycqwqrvv
pass: 2sjlx57osg

which is 10 char each, user = lowercase only, pass = lowercase + number

admin/admin worked ok. but i thought the above should have worked?

I checked my notes and both of my RTSP username and password are a mix of lowercase alphabetic and numeric characters. I have since flashed to standard firmware so I can’t check again. How exactly are you changing the username/password?

Edit – Ensure that the IP you’re using is correct; it can change. The Wyze app has the current IP.

changing creds via android wyze app

That’s not what I did. Try flashing again and use a different username and password.

It’s possible that changing the username and password from the app isn’t actually changing them. I don’t know this for sure but that’s my guess.

Having the same issue: android wyze app - putting any user/password combination and then pressing the button results into “Camera not connected” message. (FW version: )

  • Any suggestions?

Same firmware version. Same issue. Go through all the steps and then ask to generate URL and get the same message of “camera not connected”.

I immediately go back and there the camera is working fine! The other thing I have found with this firmware is that I cannot format the Micro SD card.

A little frustrating!

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Thread started in Nov 2019, no activity since Jan 202. Its now April has anybody had any success resolving this issue?

I’m using the same firmware ( and getting the same error “Camera not Connected” (on Android).


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Update … I have had success with a second Wyze Cam V2 and continue to have the same problem with the first camera including several hardware resets. It appears to be a hardware issue.

Is this truly a hardware issue? I have a Wyze v2 and I am trying to enable RTSP for the first time and it just says camera not connected and does not enable it.

Very frustrating

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Just wanted to reply with my solution to this incase anyone else comes across this thread like I did.

Apparently the app will disconnect you when switching between apps, so if you switch to your password manager to copy the username/password that you wanna use, the camera will no longer be connected.

Sometimes it also disconnects you without reason, so its best to input your credentials as fast as possible after entering the settings menu.