RTSP stream glitching

Hey everyone,
I pull RTSP stream from my WyzeCam to my OBS studio and stream it on Twitch.
I got a second WyzeCam and this problem started happening after I installed it. The new camera doesn’t seem to be affected at all, just the old one glitches like this.

Here is an example (I hope it is ok to post a link here): Twitch

It happens every few minutes. If you watch closely, you will see the brown bunny suddenly appear for a few frames and then disappear. The brown bunny was in fact there a few minutes ago, so it looks like it sometimes sends an old image to the RTSP stream and completely glitches.
I’ve tried unplugging the camera and restarting it, but the problem persists.
Any ideas why it could be happening?

It’s using the brown bunny version as a base key frame and swapping it back in as it tries to stabilize the stream. As to why, I guess the added WiFi traffic of the second camera is interfering at the network level and/or overloading your OBS server?

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