Issues When Using Wyze RTSP To Live Stream On Twitch

I’ve been using the RTSP Firmware on my V2 Wyzecam to live stream wild owls that live in an owl box on my property. While it mostly works, I am running into some issues below:

-Feed gets glitchy when there is a large amount of movement
-Feed glitchiness gets worse when night mode is on
-Sound is always glitchy

-My signal strength seems to be good (Though I am using a mesh system for wifi)
-Problems exist even if I just view the feed on VLC and not streaming, so I dont think its the stream software I am using (Streamlabs OBS)

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can make things preform better or what the cause might be? Is it the RTSP firmware?

If you view my twitch stream, you can most likely see what I am talking about. Ill post the link below. Thanks!

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I don’t have an answer since I no longer use the RTSP firmware, but I did want to say that the owls are awesome!
I’ve had another brand camera in a birdhouse for a few years and get to watch a mama wren build her nest and the baby wrens in the spring. Cool stuff

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I’m still hoping we can find a solution to get sound on our Twitch feed. The owls are so vocal, it would be great for our live stream.