RTSP for V3


Wyze Cam3 is added to TinyCam via the Wyze stream and NOT via RTSP. Please don’t post inaccurate information. RTSP is a protocol, one which the Wyze firmware does NOT support (yet - possibly never?). If you would like to talk about RTSP please first understand what RTSP support is on a camera.

For the record, the developer of TinyCam (Alexey Vasilyev) works for Wyze. For all those thinking, hey, how come this guy figured out how to add Wyze Cams to his app via their own (Wyze) proprietary stream? THAT is how, this is public knowledge if you care to check.


The ONLY ways that streams are supported off the WC3 (aside from the Wyze App) are in workarounds.

  1. Docker container, see DOCKER-WYZE-BRIDGE
  2. HcIX WyzeHacks - GitHub - HclX/WyzeHacks: Hacks I discovered allowing Wyze camera owners to do customizations
  3. TinyCam(Pro) - via Wyze proprietary stream (with cloud authentication)

*For the record I use #2 above for my DVR. It only allows a single connection to the stream, and it’s not very reliable.
**If you want to use #1 above, you need to uninstall Hyper-V (which I use), from what I read, Hyper-V and Docker don’t play well together on the same system. I didn’t see this in any notes on this installation, but it should be added (if accurate). As a bridge, delays are expected on the feed.
***I also use #3 on my Android mobile devices, works great.

The advantage of having RTSP support in the official WC fw is that you can use it to connect to a DVR/monitor while all functions work normally in the Wyze app.

I see a lot of hateful comments on here against Wyze. Why? You can easily find other alternatives that support RTSP for the same price or cheaper. I have posted these, and I use some of these options - they are definitely more reliable than the WC2 official RTSP implementation, which is garbage.

Wyze uses the “consumption” model to make money; you buy the camera and then pay for a cloud subscription. For those less technical, this is simple and uncomplicated.

Let me give you an example, and I will use iPhone users because in general (from my experience) these users understand very little of what happens behind the scene. Those who are posting here with the workarounds are not the users I’m talking about,

  1. Everyday user: On an iPhone you are limited on photo/video storage. If you want more, you just pay for more cloud storage from Apple. Done, easy peasy.
  2. Techie user: Those more technical, will say “hey, I can just get a NAS at home, and use that to store my stuff so I don’t need to pay for cloud storage”. Yes you can.

The Wyze cloud consumption model is for users #1 above. Lots of us #2s who can and like to do our own thing, but that doesn’t make the Wyze company [Mod Edit] or evil because they don’t provide the product with features you want/expect. You bought it, you knew it didn’t support it (if you didn’t know it’s on you - return it), so no need to get hateful.

Like everyone else, I also wish the WC3 will have official RTSP support, as the Wyze app seems to be the only one that will stream the camera without stopping (compared to other products). HOWEVER, even if it’s “in the works” I don’t believe it will happen, and I have bought other product that suits my needs at this time.

If they roll it out, AWESOME.
The WC3 is great in size, in features, in quality especially with the new night vision in colour.
But if RTSP never comes, well hey move on if that’s a deal breaker.

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