RTSP firmware - feedback so far

@ArthurH sorry, just making sure you knew I have now switched over to using the 2nd beta listed on the website. My previous statement was based off of the first beta. I will report back if the same issues occur with beta 2 which is


Just reporting back what I have seen with the 2nd beta firmware. Originally my connection issues were with the camera called “dining room” on the original beta firmware. After upgrading to the second beta firmware on all 3 cameras, now the issue exist on the camera called “Wrigley’s Room” but the issue seemed to have stopped on the camera called “Dining Room”. Can you give me any feedback with regards to troubleshooting or is this just a matter of waiting on the next firmware release and hoping that corrects the connection issues? Thank you for any response ahead of time!!

I am having the same issue since using the lastest RTSP firmware. I have tried Motioneye, blueiris, zoneminder. I get random disconnects very 5 mins or so. Some camaras dont even connect. No issues in the wyze app. Never had disconnects or any issues, clear and always online. Is RTSP worst than whatever wyze is using? Is the firmware just not as good? The camera hardware seems fine for what we are trying to do. This is happening on 5 different Wzye v2 Cams(non-pan). Can anyone post whatever config they are using with their software ie: motioneye, zoneminder

Im having the same issues. Does yours work fine in vlc? What path are you using?

Hello. Thank you for the thorough testing. We suspect the dropout was caused by bitrate spikes during RTSP streaming. We have changed the bitrate in HD mode back to normal (which was doubled for RTSP), and built RTSP on top of a more stable firmware version. We will be releasing the official version release candidate shortly.

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Thank you for your patience, everyone! We have another RTSP update for you to try. This one is our official release candidate so please let us know how you feel about it and if you run into any issues.


Thanks a lot, will be testing very soon!

Thank you Arthur. I will also test over the next week and see how things go with the firmware. Could you help us all with understanding why these issues seem to only affect certain cameras. I just found it odd that 2 of the cameras were working fine with no dropouts on the same firmware (2nd beta), while the 3rd camera was experiencing terrible dropouts in comparison to the others-- in terms of staying connected to Blue Iris. Connection never seemed to be lost in the Wyze App- However, this did used to be a problem with previous firmwares. Thank you for any enlightenment you can give!!

My camera keeps having connection drops, FPS are capped to 10 sometimes spikes to 40.

So no better with the firmware you’re thinking?

What software are you using ? Also what path and settings? Same is happening for me also

@ArthurH this .4.41 firmware is looking much much more stable in terms of rtsp droputs from blue Iris. On 3 different cameras, I have between 1-4 “no signal” instances but have not had to regenerate the url as I usually do because of completely/ permanently lost signal. I have been using the firmware for about 15 hours at this point. This is much different than my previous experience with previous firmwares. Do you know of anything I can do to get the “no signal” instances down to 0 or is this just the nature of rtsp… “It’s going to happen”

Using BlueIris I have yet to be forced to regenerate URL to get BI re-connected. best version so far.,.

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I have 3 v2 cams, BlueIris.

Just updated all 3 cameras, one keeps dropping. every minute or 2. seems to drop when there is motion/people walking by.

I have a mesh network with 4 access points. not a signal issue.

Definitely best version so far but I still feel there is a way to go. Are you seeing some “signal loss” and “signal reconnects” in your status messages in blue Iris windows app or on your cell blue Iris app?

I am still seeing signal losses, but was doing well. Last night one camera quit working. RTSP was off and I had to regenerate a URL. A lot better than before, but still some work needed.

I’ve been using ContaCam for well over a month or so… and have never had a signal loss. RTSP has been very stable.

I had the same exact thing happen to one of mine also.

Does this firmware update have to be flashed via SD card? My Wyze Beta App v2.4.50 says my firmware is up to date at (V2) and (pan). Thank you!

Yes… see here for download and instructions. :slightly_smiling_face: