RTSP different location

hello all,

I just got RTSP working on my Cam3 to my Synology and works great (thanks Dev for this). the question is can you do RTSP from 1 location to another IE: Cam3 at office to NAS at home? Or do i need a 3rd party to convert RTSP to HTTPS?

thanks for help.

You’ll probably need firewall rules to allow port forwarding for that to work.

i have that set up but i think RTSP is local network only. so im just being pro-active to see if there is a way to convert RSTP to HTTPS so i can then add it to my NAS to record.

No…here is a guide:

Thank Bill will look into this once im home.

Well … In your example it’s the office network you’ll need to change, so do it before you leave? :wink:

LOL. office is the example. if more simple.

Mom house with Cam3 to my house with NAS.

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