RTSP working on home computer but not work?


I just got a Wyze Pan Cam and successfully set up RTSP. I downloaded VLC on my mac laptop and it worked perfectly.
I went to work and downloaded VLC for windows and plugged in the link. It said “cannot connect to server”. We don’t have many restrictions on our computers/internet at work so I chatted with a rep who kindly informed me that RTSP can only be viewed on the network in which the cam is set up on.
I am not a super tech-savvy person and so this confuses me…what is the point of RTSP and watching the cam if you can ONLY watch at the same location the camera is set up.
I set up the cam to keep an eye on my dog while I’m at work but having the cam app up the entire day drains my phone. Is there no way to get around this? Thanks!!

Can you plug in your phone? Or get an inexpensive Android tablet?

Have you considered buying a portable power bank for your phone? I bought one of these and they work great for keeping your phone charged.

[Power Bank](SOLICE® 20000mAh Dual USB Output Portable Charger External Cell Phone Battery Pack Power Bank with LED Light for iPhone, iPad & Samsung Galaxy & More (Gray) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J7S4PEC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_taa_iyLlDbE1016A0)

this doesn’t address your specific concern, but if u just want to keep an eye on puppy, have u considered using an emulator at work?