RTSP demo_V2_RTSP_4.28.4.41.bin cam "bricked" temporarily

This firmware has just been released under #Roadmap
I spent over an hour trying to get my V2 booted - results
"Upon holding the reset button whilst turning the power on;

  • Light turns blue after about 4 or 5 seconds,
  • Release the button and it stays blue for about 50 seconds.
  • Turns orange for about 5 -10 seconds
  • “Click click” sound and then it flashes orange indefinitely (until I turn power off)."

Tried loading from freshly formatted 32GB tested Samsung card - no go several times
Tried loading from freshly formatted 32GB Wyze card - same results - no go twice

Camera just flashed yellow.

Went to the “solution for bricked camera” Possible solution for bricked cameras.

Worked, camera seems to show a proper flash.
Based on that it may have worked the first time.

My questions for the community is:

Has anyone else had this problem of a doing a RTSP flash, camera just blinks yellow?