RTSP on new V2 cams

Eagerly awaiting a fix. I bought two V2 cameras and one let me flash the firmware, and the other will only get stuck in the boot loop until I flash it to the newest firmware. RTSP is the primary feature I’m interested in, so I’m hoping you can get this fixed and then get RTSP support integrated into your main development branch.

I saw that the RTSP Download page was updated 2 days ago, sadly, it was just to include a notice that the RSTP is not currently compatible with recently purchased cameras… still waiting with bated breath…

I believe the newest hardware has a different FCC ID: 2ANJHWYZEC02 instead of 2ANJHWYZEC2.

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I confirmed that the device I have that won’t flash does have the newer FCC ID. Good catch Bluby.

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My understanding is that the available programming memory precluded Wyze from integration into the standard firmware track.

Hi All, we released (v2) and (Pan) for RTSP beta binaries. Please use following post for testing and reporting issues.



I just installed the firmware on one of the new cameras I had and turned on RTSP. SUCCESS!!! Going to cam #2 in a little bit. Thanks Tao and Thanks Wyze.


Second cam up and running with RTSP and the firmware @WyzeTao linked to.


Success…thank you Tao!! Will report any issues.

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Worked for me. Camera seems to be working fine with Blue Iris. I’ll report back after a few days of it running with any issues that I run into. Thanks a bunch for fixing the issue.


Thanks, I’ll get it going later today.

Any first pass reviews on the updated patches?

I’m running two V2 cameras side by side. One with the old RTSP firmware ( and one with this updated firmware ( As far as I can tell there are no differences functionally and it seems just the bug regarding the hardware has been addressed. Both the Wyze cams cut out every 3 - 5 mins for a few seconds at a time, where the other 3 RTSP cameras I have are rock solid. I have a mesh network and I’d say all of my cameras have equal access to wifi except the one in the garage, which is a higher end camera that never fails. Anyway, they aren’t bad for a $20 camera, but something isn’t stable with the RTSP stream.

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Hi, I have a recently buyed V2 camera with FCC ID 2ANJHWYZEC2. I prepared the SD card following the instructions, inserted to the camera, power up holdind the setup button, but whe solid blue never arrives. It gets stuck looping on a reboot / waiting to connect cycle. What I’m doing wrong? This happens with the and also with the beta


Nevermind, I was using a 16GB SD card. I changed to a 2GB one and now it works. Maybe you can point it out on the manual to use a <=8GB SD card.

Are you saying the RTSP Firmware won’t work if you have a 32GB sd installed? Can anyone else confirm this?

At least on my camera the firmware update/change didn’t work until I used a <8gb SD card. Once you changed the firmware you can use a 32gb SD card to record locally but not at the update process.

Has anyone tried formatting a 32gb card with an 8gb FAT32 partition? I know that the Dafang firmware will only work with a smaller partition or disk and using a 500mb partition on a 32gb drive worked.

No, but I’m pretty sure I’ve read that others have and that it works that way.

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