Rough Surface Mounting Sensors

I received the starter kit the other day and immediately set out to figure out how I was going to mount the devices. My 1960’s wooden garage door would not work as the sticking surface.

In my shop I crafted pieces of acrylic sheeting larger than the sensors and magnets. Those were then drilled to allow a pan head screw to be used to attach the acrylic to the wood structure and door. I cleaned each piece with denatured alcohol to remove any grease and stuck each sensor on.

I had to experiment with a best location finally choosing the header area. The sensors are now installed and working as desired. Next, I am going to do some testing to see if the motion sensor will reach across the road where my mailbox is, but that’s another day.


That’s a great idea for mounting, particularly since the small sensor magnet is so narrow and I believe in time will get knocked off on an occasional basis. Thank you

I would love to see pictures of this setup

Here is a picture of the mounted sensor on the garage door: