Rotate Pan away from room when home?

Hey all.
I have the Pan and while I’ve gotten IFTTT working to enable and disable motion detection and notifications when I’m home, I’d really prefer to have a little more privacy when home. Is there any way to get it to rotate to a set point (i.e. the wall) based on a trigger?

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I think you are better to make it power off when you want privacy as the mic is still listening even when it’s not peeking…

Hey CJ1171,

Currently it is not possible to make the Wyze Cam Pan move to a waypoint or angle via IFTTT. You should add it to the Wyze Wishlist for it to be considered.


Simple, get a smart plug and set the schedule to turn off when you’re home.
(best privacy, no audio also.)
When you leave the smart plug will re-boot the camera and it will return to the home position.

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How about a simple rule set where the cam will turn to a set point at a set time and turn back at another time? We use the pan cam in the kitchen at night during the day the family turns the camera manually even though it isn’t recording anything until midnight.

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