Wyze cam pan, rotate with api


I am looking to rotate my wyze cam pan toward a wall when i am home as i have my camera placed in my bedroom. The Wyze IFTTT integration does not appear to support rotating the wyze cam pan camera. Wyze app rules also do not appear to have an option to rotate a camera. On a reddit form somewhere i read that you could create a Wyze rule to rotate the camera where you want it to be then turn the camera off to keep it in that orientation. But i do not see how to turn on wyze cam pan scan using a rule in the App.

So my question is as follows: is their any sort of wyze rule/IFTTT rule/integration/ online API that would allow me to rotate the camera when i am home?

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You can’t do this with IFTTT, the Google Home app, the Alexa app, or the Wyze app. You could plug the camera into a Wyze plug and set that to turn the camera off and on. You would then be able to disable the camera with the Google Home app, the Alexa app, or the Wyze app. You could also use the IFTTT location service to turn the camera off when your home.

You could set ONE Pan Scan way point that points at the wall. Then turn on Pan Scan when you want it to point there. I’m not sure if IFTTT has an option to turn on Pan Scan, though. I also don’t think there’s a way to turn it on in rules.

During regular use, you can set a detection zone in the area you want monitored, and the camera will return “home” in the middle of that detection zone. Remember, the detection zone and Pan Scan are mutually exclusive.

Hope that helps!

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It doesn’t, sadly!:confused: